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Conditions of Use



*1.House the new tarantulas at 78-80 degrees.

*2.Maintain some humidity inside enclosure.

*3.Feed properly sized crickets and remove any uneaten crickets immediately.

*4.Report any Dead-on-Arrival specimens within 4 hours of receiving.


*Tarantulas sold retail are NOT for the purposes of resale or trade. Warranties are not transferable.

*4) Live arrival guarantee is void if temps are under 35 degrees. Your choice of ship day = no guarantee. Boxes may be shipped with or without notice. Special delivery instructions= no guarantee.

*If tarantula arrives with a damaged leg and retail buyer wishes to keep it, then a refund of 1/8th of the purchase price may be applicable (overnight shipping customers only).
* Please provide your current phone number and keep it on so we can serve you better.There may be questions on ship day
*Box must be picked up if held at fed ex same day.Otherwise guarantee is void.

*Guarantee is void if receiver changes delivery destination while in route.

* Photos of all D.O.A. claims must be e-mailed to us within 4 hours for store credit.



* Retail Orders and add-ons must be received by 6pm pacific time for next day ship out.Please call if after 6pm...1-310-906-9368.

*Wholesale orders must be in by 6pm the day prior to shipping.

* ANY FREEBEE may not be combined with special deals,trades,sales,BOGOS or wholesale purchases.Limit one free bee per order,per box,per one transaction.

*All free tarantulas= NO live arrival guarantee.

*No Second Party Deals ,Conversations,Payments,Warranty,Free Tarantulas,Accounts or anything else you can think of.All accounts and transactions are done on an,individual, one on one basis with the buyer only,no exceptions.

* All guarantees are VOID (including stolen box and live arrival/damage guarantee)if not received by the buyer on the first delivery attempt.

* No Refunds,Any replacement d.o.a.'s will be sent on the next order unless other arrangements are agreed upon .

*If the buyer wants to return a tarantula and makes a claim within the 4 hour time limit, they must ship the spider back at their own cost with live arrival guarantee.

* Receiver acknowledges full satisfaction and acceptance of order within 24 hours.

* Sex determination is done at no additional charge, but NOT GUARANTEED,unless otherwise stated

* Walk-in customers who hand pick their animals,there is no guarantee once you leave.

* Walk-in sales are by appointment only.Please call or e-mail us.

* Animals sold may contain internal or external parasites and no refunds or exchanges will be given for claims because it is a reality of our hobby. We will however do our very best to keep all our stock as free from parasites as possible.

* All sales are "FIRST COME FIRST SERVE".

* When ordering,please use the shopping cart system on this website or e-mail or call with your order. All call in and e-mail orders must be invoiced to the customer and paid for prior to shipment.

* All trades must be agreed upon in writing or e-mail with dollar totals for each party,prior to shipment.

*Dry goods and live animals are shipped separately and have separate shipping charges.

*Dry goods orders and live animal orders can not be combined to meet the minimum.

*No Guarantee on freebee's.One freebee per box /per order.

* One freebee per order,not applicable with any other special deals .

* NO REFUNDS OR RETURNS - Replacements for D.O.A.'s will be sent with the next order.

* Prices and availability are subject to change at anytime.

* Special price quotes are valid for 24 hours only.

* Correct species identification is not guaranteed. We have pictures on all of our for sale animals,but tiny spiderlings can be difficult to identify.

* Sizes are estimated and can vary .

* Caveat Emptor - Buyer beware. Do not handle. Tarantulas have a toxic bite and urticating hairs.

* Do not order or keep tarantulas if you have a medical condition or allergies.

* Upon ordering, the customer acknowledges "release of liability" from Paul Becker and Pet Center USA for any damages or injuries that may occur to any persons or pets that come into contact with purchased animals,including freebees.

* Special concerns or instructions for your order must be noted on the order form,otherwise your order will be processed as usual * If order is discounted,then no freebee will be sent.


* Not recommended for children.please be at least 16 yrs of age or have parents written permission.

* All photos , videos and text are the exclusive property of Pet Center USA / Paul Becker and can not be used without written consent and signature.

* All videos , pictures , emails and attachments received become the property of Pet Center USA / Paul Becker and may be used for any purpose.

* No guarantee your item(s) will be in stock if you send a money order. Orders with immediate payment take priority.

* We accept Paypal, Money Orders, Cashier's Checks, or Wire Transfers.

* California residents, please add 9.25% sales tax to the order or supply us with a signed resale card.

* Minimum Order is $100.00,excludes shipping and dry goods.

* You must have a valid resale card in your name for wholesale purchases.

* Prices and availability are subject to change at anytime.

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