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a) Getting Started-beginners advice

Start off by selecting tarantulas that are inexpensive and easy to keep. This way if you make a mistake and accidentally kill it, you wonít lose a lot of money. Not that itís life isnít valuable, itís just that itís better to learn with the cheap ones rather than buying an expensive one to learn with. The genus Brachypelma, Grammastola and Avicularia are recommended. Use deli cups for babies and juveniles and 10 gallon tanks for adults. . Keep spider at about 80 degrees using a thermometer placed inside the deli cup with the spider. Do not use heat lights as they will cook the spider and dry out the habitat. Put the vent holes in the sides of the container so the heat and humidity doesnít escape through the top. Only feed one or two crickets the size of the spiders abdomen, remove if it does not eat within an hour or so as they can chew on the spider.Do not use branches or plants from outside..Only use plastic decorations. Do not use potting soil or sand as a substrate. Cocoa fiber(brick) is safest. Avoid handling because the hairs of some species can irritate your eyes. Get your information from a book or from this website because incorrect information can easily be found on the internet.

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