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Theraphosa blondi

Theraphosa blondi are the largest spiders in the world but can be very delicate. Special care must be given when keeping this species. They do not have the ability to retain water or heat very well..In fact, they loose body heat faster than they can retain it...For example: If you reduce the temperature from say 85 to 70 degrees, it will take about an hour for the spider to actually cool down to that temperature, but it may take 3 hours for it to warm back up again.. These spiders come from the dense Venezuelan jungle where it rains almost daily and temperatures can reach over 100 degrees , so their main problem in the wild is finding a place to cool down and dry off. They have evolved in this environment and if they are not kept hot and humid, they will die quickly.. The same type of issues are commonplace with other tarantulas found in dense tropical rainforest environments. I would recommend keeping adult T.blondi in a 40 gallon tank with 4-5 inches of moist sloped substrate,plenty of plastic hiding places and plastic decorations(wood will grow mold ),solid lid(small air vents on sides only) and a heat pad on the back of the tank . Measure the substrate to get an accurate estimation of the actual body temperature of the spider. Foods recommended are crickets, roaches and an occasional mouse. This is what they eat in the wild as well as frogs,lizards ,small snakes etc,but not necessary in captivity. Condensation or fog should be visible on the inside of the glass at all times.

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