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1.HUMIDITY:No tarantula should be kept totally dry.Most
tarantulas come from tropical environment.Tarantulas need
moisture to survive.Many tropical species need a humidity factor
of above 80 %.Pour water into the substrate as spraying them
makes most tarantulas nervous.The humidity factor will remain
high for a longer period of time if the substrate is moist. Be
sure to use a water dish for larger spiders.Use a container with
a solid lid to help lock in the humidity and retain heat.

2.TEMPERATURE:Tarantulas,like all arthropods are cold blooded
and are dependent on the surrounding air temperatures to
regulate their body.Most tarantulas should be kept between 78-84
degrees.Try to use heat pads instead of heat lamps or space
heaters.It may cause severe dryness.Covering the top of the cage
with Styrofoam may be necessary to keep the heat and humidity in
during colder winter months.A common mistake is to assume that
the spiders body is the same temperature as the air in the
room.Keep the substrate (or at least some of it)moist at all
times.Measure the temperature of the substrate to determine the
actual body temperature of the spider.Keep the room warm or use
a small heat pad set up micro-climate style.

3.SHEDDING:Tarantulas have an exoskeleton that sheds to allow
growth.Feeding usually stops a few days to a few weeks prior to
shedding.If you see your tarantula lying on its back,do not
touch it,it's about to shed its skin.ITS NOT DEAD.

4.CONTAINER SIZE:Tarantulas do not require a lot of walking
around room.Too much room makes it difficult for them to locate
the food items.This is especially true for spiderlings.The best
substrate for nearly all tarantulas is cocoa fiber mixed with

5.LIGHTING:Virtually all theraphosid spiders are nocturnal.They
do not require bright light lighting and do best in dimly lit
rooms.Do not expose them to direct sunlight for more than a few
minutes at a time as they can become dehydrated over heat

6.FEEDING:When feeding,be sure to introduce items singly.This
will keep the spider from feeling overpowered and stressed out
by the remaining uneaten food items.Care should be exercised to
remove any uneaten food items or left overs to avoid parasite
problems.Fungus,mold mites and lice are all caused by a dirty
tarantularium. Excess live crickets left in the cage can
result in your tarantula being eaten alive.

7.DECORATIONS: Use only plastic decorations or Cork Bark.They can be cleaned

easily and will not grow fungus easily or rot.

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