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Do's and Dont's

1.DO keep your tarantulas at 78-84 degrees.
2.DON'T let them get dry.
3.DO pour water into the substrate so that the humidity in the enclosure stays high.
4.DO put a thermometer inside the container to get an accurate temperature reading.
5.DON'T assume that a thermometer on a wall of the room is the same temperature as the spider. It's likely the spider is much cooler.
6.DO remember that air conditioners put out extremely cold air. When this refrigerated air hits the tarantula's moist container, it causes a supercooling effect. The tarantula's body temperature could be as much as 20 degrees colder than what the thermometer on the room wall indicates.This costly mistake is the most common reason for spider death.
7.DON'T keep your spider in a room with air conditioning.
8.DO keep your spider in a warm , humid room.
9.DON'T mist the enclosure as it gives a false sense that the environment is humid. If you have to mist the container, then that is an indication that osmosis is not taking place. Instead, cover the top and pour water directly into the substrate.This will create osmosis condensation and a higher relative humidity. Misting just makes the inside of the container wet and does nothing to help hydrate the spider. Condensation indicates that the spider is receiving water from the high relative humidity in the air of the enclosure. Add a reptile heat pad to back of glass tank if necessary.
10.DO make sure the substrate stays somewhat moist.
11.DO look for condensation inside the container.
12.DO remember that a tarantula's body is designed to get rid of heat and water quickly. Most come from equatorial areas (aka the jungle) where the biggest problem is too much heat and too much rain. They have evolved to cool down quickly and dry out, then heat up slowly.
13.DON'T assume that your spider is too moist or too hot. They can be found living naturally in temperatures of 100 degrees or more and come from areas where high humidity is common and seek temperatures in the mid/low 80 degree range.
14.DO remember that a cool(below 74 degrees), dry climate is what kills tarantulas most quickly.
15.DO keep your tarantulas warm and moist, not cool and dry.
16.DO acclimate your spiders to their new enclosure by keeping them in mid-80 degree temperatures and moist substrate.
17.DON'T feed more than one cricket at a time to ensure that your spider is not made nervous by too many crickets in the cage all at once.
18.DON'T use any kind of wood except Cork Bark inside the enclosure as it can grow toxic mold.
19.DO keep in mind that terrestrial species burrow in order to keep their bodies hydrated. They may come from a climate that is arid, but underground it is humid, like a cave.
20. DON'T leave uneaten food items such as crickets inside the tank for more than an hour. They can chew a hole in the body of the spider.
21.DON'T use heat lights or lamps. They dry out the spider and the environment.
22.DO keep spiders in a heated cabinet or micro climate.
23.DO make sure the container has some condensation build up on the inside. This will ensure that the spider is receiving water from the humid air surrounding it.
24.DON'T use potting soil. It has nitrification factors and fertilizers in it. It can decompose and burn your spider, grow mold and fungus as well as possibly contain parasites.
25.DO use cocoa fiber (brick, aka "Bed-O-Beast" or "Eco Earth") mixed with vermiculite for the substrate, and pour water into it to keep moist.
26.DO check for condensation on the inside of the container daily.
27.DON'T poke holes in the top of the container. Instead poke holes on the sides of the container. Warm, moist air trapped inside will raise the humidity.
28.DO keep crickets, roaches, etc. properly fed and hydrated so the spider gets nutrition and water when it eats.
29. DO use plenty of plastic leafy decorations, vines , Cork Bark etc for hiding ,climbing and webbing.

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